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The Board of Education, district and school administration have zero tolerance for criminal-related activities in and around the schools. Their message to the community is clear: "We have a responsibility to provide safe schools to everyone we serve. and we are going to keep them safe."
Maintaining the SAFEST POSSIBLE CAMPUSES for students, employees and visitors is a priority in the Glendale Unified School District. Extensive preventive measures and tough discipline policies are proven deterrents against criminal activity on and around the schools.
As a result, Glendale Schools continue to be among the safest in Southern California. In fact, in a recent study, the City of Glendale was ranked as one of the 15 safest cities over 100,000 in the United States. Safe schools contributed to this enviable ranking. But statistics also confirm that society is changing, and criminal activity is occurring in communities large and small, urban and suburban. For the past several years, the district has increased its efforts to ensure safe and secure schools. Among the actions implemented are:
Enforcing the law on campus
More than 20 years ago Glendale was the first district in America to have a uniformed police officer working daily on a school campus. Today, every senior high is served by a School Resource Officer (SRO) who receives special training in working effectively with young people. The emphasis is on positive communication, counseling, crime prevention, and being a role model for students of all ages.
More security guards
In addition to the SROs, uniformed security guards patrol the middle and senior high campuses during the school day to assist administrators with supervision and help prevent trespassing.
Limiting access to campuses
When school is in session, only the main entrance is open. All visitors must enter and leave the school through this access point. Campuses are surrounded by chain-link fencing wherever possible, and all extra access gates are locked during the school day.
Closing the high school campuses
High school campuses are "closed" at snack and lunch. Students may leave campus only with written permission from parents.
Tightening visitor procedures
All visitors are directed to the main office, where they sign a register and receive an ID badge to wear on campus.
Installing intercoms in classrooms
Two-way intercoms are in place between classrooms and offices in all schools. In addition, security alarms at many school sites help protect buildings and valuables against vandalism.
Prohibiting gang attire
Youth gangs exist in the community, but the colors and type of clothing they wear, such as sports caps and jackets. are off-limits at school - for the safety of all students.
Using metal detectors
As an extra precaution, metal detectors are available for use as needed on middle and senior high campuses.
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