GlendaleUnified School District


Human Resources
Dr. Maria G. Gandera, Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources 
Dr. Cynthia McCarty-Foley, Director, Human Resources
Mr. John Gonzales, Assistant Director, Classified Personnel
Mrs. Jo Ann Stupakis, Executive Secretary
Phone: 818.241.3111, Ext. 1256      Fax 818.547.3207

 The Glendale Unified School District provides a high quality education that addresses the unique potential of each student in a safe, engaging environment.
 In support of the District's mission of preparing our students for their future, we, as the Human Resources Department, will recruit, develop, motivate, and retain the most highly qualified individuals committed to creating a positive working environment District-wide. Demonstrating excellent personal and group performance, we will provide outstanding service, with integrity and professionalism, to all who seek our assistance.

Classified Calendars

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